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Scrum Master Certified (SMC) professionals are facilitators who ensure that the Scrum Team is provided with an environment conducive to completing the project successfully. PassQuestion provides the latest Scrum Master Certified (SMC) Exam Questions to improve the preparation level before attempting a real exam. After using Scrum Master Certified (SMC) Exam Questions created by certified professionals, you will be able to clear Scrum Master Certified (SMC) Exam on your first attempt.

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1. Which of the following is/are role(s) of a Chief Scrum Master, not of a Chief Product Owner?

A) Addresses impediments that impact more than one Scrum Team.

B) Prepares and maintains the overall Prioritized Product Backlog for the large project.

C) Facilitates the Scrum of Scrums meetings.

D) Interfaces with the Program Product Owner to ensure alignment of the large project with the goals and objectives of the Program.


2. Which of the following comparisons is true about Scrum and Traditional Project Management?


3. Collaboration within a team is an important principle of Scrum.

All of the following activities constitute collaboration EXCEPT:


4. A Product Owner is prioritizing user Stories to create a Prioritized Product Backlog for a project to design a banking portal.

All of the following User Stories will be evaluated while prioritizing EXCEPT:


5. Which of the following is true about Scrum?


6. Which of the following about User Story Acceptance Criteria is true?


7. Suppose you are a Scrum Master on a project to design a metro rail system for a city. It has been brought to your attention that the Product Owner wants to change the Acceptance Criteria for one of the User Stories committed to for the current Sprint because the customer has changed a critical business requirement.

Which one of the following statements presents the best solution for such a situation?


8. Which one of the following is NOT a type of identified dependencies in a Scrum project?


9. Which of the following is a tool that can be used for communicating information related to risks?


10. Which of the following is a process in the initiate phase of Scrum?


11. One of the responsibilities of the Scrum Master is to ensure that the Product Owner does not change the Acceptance Criteria of a committed User Story in the middle of a Sprint.

In this regard, which of the following statements about Acceptance Criteria is correct?


12. To enable the Product Owner to successfully deploy the product release as a part of the Ship Deliverables process, the Scrum Master should ensure that:


13. The Chief Scrum Master is a part of the Scrum Core Team that assembles to retrospect the project and to identify, document, and internalize the lessons learned. There are various tools to Retrospect Project during the Retrospect Project Meeting.

Which of the following tools can be used in this process?


14. A Scrum Team is estimating the prioritized User Stories. Each team member has been assigned a deck of numbered cards, in which each card is numbered in a sequence. The team members use these cards to assess a particular User Story by picking and showing a card from the deck that represents their estimate for the User Story.

Which estimation tool is the Scrum Team using?


15. On a hydroelectric power project, damage to life and property due to floods and landslides has been identified as a potential risk.

Which of the following Risk Assessment Techniques can be used by the Scrum Team to assess the potential risk, and its impact on project objectives?


16. All of the following events and activities are examples of adaptation, EXCEPT:


17. Andy, a Scrum Master, is helping his team draft a Sprint Backlog. In which of the following phases would this Scrum process be in?


18. Suppose you are a Scrum Master or a Scrum Team that is progressing through Tuckman’s model of Group Dynamics.

In which of the following stages will you be most actively involved?


19. During a Scrum of Scrums, each Scrum Team representative provides an update on which of the following:

A) What has my team been working on since the last meeting?

B) What will my team do until the next meeting?

C) How many story points has my team completed since the last meeting?

D) What is our team planning on doing that might affect other teams?


20. As a Scrum Master how will you coordinate with the Product Owner to ensure Value-Driven Delivery on Scrum projects?


21. During the Form Scrum Team process, the Scrum Master must collaborate with the Product Owner to enable him or her to select the team members.

Which of following sets of Traits is desirable of a Scrum Team member?


22. While assisting the Product Owner in developing a Prioritized Product Backlog, the Scrum Master must consider the primary factors on which the Prioritized Product Backlog is based-on.

Which of the following are those primary factors?

A) Value

B) Dependencies

C) Risk

D) Deliverables


23. A large software company has 8 Scrum teams with each team having a Scrum Master. After the Daily Standup everyday with their respective teams, all Scrum Masters meet for a Scrum of Scrums.

What are they likely to do during this meeting?


24. As a Scrum Master, it is important that you assess skill gaps and training requirements for the team members, and map the skills, capabilities, and interest level of team members in using those skills and capabilities on a project.

Which one of the following tools can help you do this?


25. Gregory is the Scrum Master on a project to create automated devices for the health industry. He advocates that every member of the Scrum Team should actively participate in team building activities, estimation meetings, and in Daily Standups. He looks to give more responsibility to team members.

Which of the following theories does Gregory seem to subscribe to?


26. Collaboration is one of the Scrum principles.

Which of the following are the three dimensions of this principle?


27. A company that builds propellers for ships has incurred heavy losses while implementing the product at the end of the project. This is because a large number of customer requirements which changed during the project were not incorporated into the deliverables. The company could have avoided this situation if it had applied the Scrum Methodology, as it would have ensured that any change requested by the customer was included as part of the project, and that the team produced deliverables that were better suited to the final business environment.

Which Scrum aspect is being emphasized here?


28. You are the Scrum Master on a project to develop machine parts for automobile manufacturing. The Product Owner on your project proposes to use Utility Function to find out the stakeholders’ risk tolerance level.

Which of the following is NOT a risk tolerance classification?


29. Which of the following statements is NOT true of an Impediment Log?


30. Scrum can easily be scaled for effective use in large projects with multiple small teams working on the project.

Which of the following facilitates coordination among scrum teams?


31. Scrum Masters have to solve both internal and external impediments for the Scrum team during the Create Deliverables process. To do so, they record the impediments in the Impediment Log during _________________________.

A) Daily Standup Meetings.

B) Sprint Review Meetings.

C) Release Planning Meetings.

D) Sprint Planning Meetings.


32. To ensure that there is no gap between the customer’s expectation from the project, and the deliverables produced, the Scrum Master has to eliminate environmental obstructions that the team may face, that may affect the quality of the deliverables. To do so, apart from Quality Planning, the team has to ensure Quality Control, and Quality Assurance.

Which of the following statements is true regarding Quality Assurance and Quality Control?


33. A town has begun a project that involves keeping track of the buses traveling on the roads of the town.

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of this project if it is managed according to Scrum Framework?


34. The Product Owner on a project, on which you are the Scrum Master, has identified disaster situations, such as earthquakes and tsunamis, as potential risks to the underwater transnational communication sea link. The Stakeholders have suggested that steps to safeguard the foundations of the ocean infrastructure be taken at the earliest, and also have recommended that a contingency reserve be created, which

could be used in case of disaster situations.

This is an example of:


35. Listed below are some risks and issues that might be encountered during the course of a project. Identify which of the following are risks (not issues).

A) After extensive training, marketing representatives might still not be ready to take orders after the project is launched.

B) The painting crew might be delayed due to heavy rain, which could negatively impact the project schedule.

C) Funding was not approved.

D) Requirements, as currently defined, are unclear.


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