Selling HPE Edge-to-Cloud Solutions (2021) HPE2-E75 Questions Online

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Practice Online Selling HPE Edge-to-Cloud Solutions (2021) HPE2-E75 Free Questions

1. You have identified a potential hybrid IT prospect. In your next conversation, you learn that the customer has just started to virtualize the data center. The customer wants to make the data center more agile with private cloud services.

Which approach should you take with this customer?


2. What is a simple way to describe digital transformation to customers?


3. A customer tells you that their IT staff is knowledgeable and will be able to implement any solution.

How could you respond to help the customer understanding services?


4. What is one benefit of the private cloud model?


5. How does the new HPE Cloud Cruiser product help customers manage and optimize IT usage in their organization?


6. You are discussing HPE Hybrid IT solutions with apotential customer. The customer needs help deciding which solutions to keep on-premises and how to make a migration plan.

Which key distinguishing feature of HPE should you discuss?


7. Which innovation will The Machine offer?


8. A customer needs to analyze very large amounts of data and has reached a dead-end in increasing the speed of results.

Which HPE- innovation has been proven to accelerate analytic applications such as Spark?


9. Which solution allows customers to independently scale compute and storage resources

and to redefine them dynamically?


10. Which key benefit of HPE Synergy helps to distinguish HPE from the competition?


11. Which customer issue does an in-memory database address?


12. Howshould you discuss digital transformation with your customers?


13. Which customer initiative suggests an opportunity to discuss HPE solutions for location-based mobile services?


14. What did the acquisition of SGI add to the HPE portfolio?


15. In talking to your customers, what would suggest an HPE Hybrid IT opportunity?


16. What is one way disruptive technologies such as big data and next-gen analytics helpprotect companies?


17. What is one way that HPE powers the Intelligent Edge?


18. What is one of the subjects that you should discuss in a discovery conversation about hybrid IT opportunities?


19. What has been a hallmark of HPE from the time it started?


20. How is HPE responding to the demands of next-gen technologies for more processing power and memory?


21. A customer states that their company already has a mix of private and public cloud

services, and they find it complex to manage.

What should you explain about HPE Hybrid IT?


22. What is one reason businesses choose public cloud?


23. Why should HPE partners understand the advantages that HPE Financial Services offer?


24. What is one way HPE and Arubasolutions help to enhance security?


25. You are meeting with a hybrid ITprospect.

Which topic should you introduce to help you assess whether the customer will be interested in unique consumption models for Hybrid IT?


26. Why is it important to identity the executive KPis for a company’s initiatives?


27. What is one trend that drives demand for more performance than legacy mobile networks can provide?


28. Which key benefit of HPE Synergy helps to distinguish HPE from the competition?


29. What is one way today’s apps and data are different from the past?


30. Which technology enables next-gen analytic applications to provide real-time results?


31. Which type of information should you be looking for when asking customers about their business strategies?


32. A customer has already virtualized much of the data center, but some workloads remain on non-virtualized servers. The customer does not have a strategy for moving to cloud. However, the customer is interested in moving to an IT as a Service (ITaaS) approach in the data center.

Which HPE solution should you target for this customer?


33. What is one way that HPE is preparing to help customers for a data-driven future?


34. What goal does a customer who plans to implement DevOps have?


35. Which customer is a good prospect for an HPEnext-generation analytics solution?


36. What is one IT trend that is driving customers to transform to a new hybrid infrastructure?


37. Which type of digital disruption technology is so essential to real-time decision making that it is expected to support all loT efforts within the next few year.


38. Which feature of HPEGen10 servers prevents compromised firmware from booting?


39. Which customer initiative suggests an opportunity to discuss HPE solutions forlocation-based mobile services?


40. Which effect will next-gen technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and augmented reality have on customer spending?


41. Which desire indicates a customer who is interested in transforming to an IT as a Service (ITaaS) approach?


42. Which HPE acquisition providessolutions that help customers secure their loT devices?


43. According to IDC, what is the attitude of most Global 500 companies toward digital transformation?


44. A customer mentions an interest in consuming IT on-demand, as from a public cloud, but keeping services on-premises.

Which HPE solution should you discuss?


45. Which challenge do companies face as they try to find the right consumption model for them?


46. You are investigating an HPE Hybrid IT salesopportunity, and the customer mentions that staff members use automation tools such as Ansible and Chef.

What does the use of these tools indicate about the opportunity?


47. What is one reason that companies are turning to virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions?


48. What is a sign thata business is ready to modernize their IT infrastructure?


49. A customer is concerned about security and compliance with regulations.

Which benefit does an HPE hosted desktop solution provide?


50. A customer has a centralized data center and several factories located in different cities across the country. The customer wants to deploy loTon the factory floors.

What is one benefit of an HPE solution for this customer?


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