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To be a Slack Certified Admin, you must demonstrate the knowledge and skills necessary to implement, configure and manage Slack. You should be comfortable recommending policies, settings, features and thought leadership for use cases on all paid Slack plans, including Standard, Plus and Enterprise Grid. PassQuestion provides you with the best Slack Certified Admin Exam Questions that will help you efficiently achieve your desired goal. We at PassQuestion offer you with the latest Slack Certified Admin Exam Questions that will assure a 100% success in your final exam.

Test Online Slack Certified Admin Free Questions

1. Big Corp uses an IdP (Identity Provider) to manage access for its members to its Plus plan on Slack. Their security team wants to make sure members will be automatically deactivated when they leave the company.

Which of the following must be true to ensure that members are automatically deactivated?


2. What would be the expected behavior if a team member in Enterprise Grid is added to an IdP (Identity Provider) group with auto-provisioning enabled to a workspace?


3. Which of the following statements describes the effect of configuring mandatory Two Factor authentication (2FA) in Slack?


4. Tracy works on a marketing team and needs to collaborate with a marketing vendor for a new project being planned in various channels.

To ensure the project is not delayed, Tracy must approve the new member invitations.

Which statement is true about roles in this scenario?


5. Andrew is the Primary Org Owner for this company’s Enterprise Grid org, which consists of three workspaces. Frank, a new member of the IT department, will be responsible for inviting guests and managing one of the three workspaces’ settings.

Which role should Andrew give Frank in Slack?


6. Medium Inc’s #hr-benefits channel is a default channel designed to educate employees on benefit information and updates. However, it is now filled with requests for benefits help. Sometimes people even post sensitive personal information when asking questions.

Which TWO options, combined, present the best solution to reduce noise in this channel? (Choose two.)


7. Takeshi is an Org Admin on Enterprise Grid. A business leader asks him to create an org-wide channel for a cross-functional company project, but he replies that he needs to create a cross-workspace channel instead.

Which of the following best describes why a multi-workspace channel is more appropriate than an org-wide channel in this scenario?


8. The Operations team at Fire Extinguishers Ltd has recently launched Slack and wants to better collaborate when internal alerting systems notify them of a failure. In the past, it was difficult to identify where the alert was coming from and who was responding. Sometimes, the team even missed the alerts.

The Operations team and the Security team both have alerting set up with popular software tools, and the alerts get sent to multiple, unrelated teams.

What should Fire Extinguishers Ltd do to centralize their alerting identification and response?


9. The Sales team at Large Inc is having trouble figuring out the role Slack should play in their work day. The Sales team travels often and prioritizes time with customers. They don’t have a lot of time to attend training.

Which two of the four strategies would help increase adoption on the Sales team? (Choose two.)


10. Cristina is evaluating a Slack app’s security and notices that it has the following scopes present:

channels:write and chat:write:user.

Based on those scopes, which TWO actions can the app perform in Slack? (Choose two.)


11. Large Inc is launching Enterprise Grid. They have decided to create a workspace for each line of business, and one workspace for social channels. Members are assigned to two workspaces, but are allowed to join other workspaces if they want to.

What is the main benefit of this Grid design?


12. Which of the following would most make your company a good candidate to use Slack’s Enterprise Key Management (EKM)?


13. Amy is an Org Owner on an Enterprise Grid plan.

A workspace Admin informs Amy that a confidential file has been uploaded to a public channel by mistake.

Amy needs to remove the file and determine who has downloaded it.

What should Amy do to accomplish this goal?


14. A 5,000-employee company with multiple international offices is planning to launch Slack to its entire organization. Their goal is to increase collaboration and build a stronger company culture. The CIO is hesitant to allow members to upload custom emoji to Slack, but she doesn’t want to burden her Workspace Admin team with requests for custom emoji uploads.

Which solution addresses the CIO’s concerns?


15. When advising team members on the best practices of threading, what should you tell them is an effective way of using threads?


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