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SnowPro Core is the first level of Snowflake certification test. SnowPro Core Certification demonstrates an individual’s knowledge to apply specific core expertise implementing and migrating to Snowflake. PassQuestion collected all the related SnowPro Core Certification Exam Questions Online, which are the best and latest in the whole market. Read and study all PassQuestion SnowPro Core Certification Exam Questions Online, you can pass the test in the first attempt.

Test Online SnowPro Core Free Questions Online

1. True or False: It is possible to unload structured data to semi-structured formats such as JSON and parquet.


2. True or False: The user has to specify which cluster a query will run on in multi-clustering Warehouse.


3. Data storage for individual tables can be monitored using which commands and/or object(s)?

Choose 2 answers


4. When creating a user it is advisable sable to: Choose 2 answers


5. True or False: When Snowflake is configured to use Single Sign-on (sso), Snowflake receive the usernames and credentials from the sso service and loads them into the customer’s Snowflake account.


6. What is the recommended method for loading data into Snowflake?


7. True or False: Snowflake allows its customers to directly access the micro-partition files that make up its tables.


8. True or False: Each worksheet in the Snowflake Web Interface (UI) can be associated with different roles, databases, schemas, and Virtual Warehouses.


9. Which of the following statements are true of Snowflake data loading? Choose 3 answers


10. True or false: Snowflake enforces unique, primary key, and foreign key constraints during DML operations.


11. which of the following are valid approaches to loading data into a snowflake table? select

all the below that apply.


12. As a best practice, clustering keys should only be defined on tables of which minimum size?


13. What is the maximum compressed row size in Snowflake?


14. In which layer of its architecture does Snowflake store its metadata statistics?


15. True or False: All Snowflake table types include fail-safe storage.


16. Which of the following languages can be used to implement Snowflake User Defined Functions (UDFs)? Choose 2 answers


17. A Virtual Warehouse’s auto-suspend and auto-resume settings apply to:


18. True or False: A third-party tool that supports standard JDBC or ODBC but has no Snowflake-specific driver will be unable to connect to Snowflake.


19. When scaling up Virtual Warehouse by increasing Virtual Warehouse t-shirt size, you are primarily scaling for improved:


20. Which of the following are main sections of the top navigation of the Snowflake web Interface (UI)?


21. The number of queries that a Warehouse can concurrently process is determined by: Choose 2 answers


22. What happens when a Data Provider revokes privileges to a Share on an object in their source database?


23. Which type of table corresponds to a single Snowflake session?


24. Fail-safe is unavailable on which table types?


25. Increasing the size of a Virtual Warehouse from an X-Small to an X-Large is an example of:


26. Which of the following statements is true of data loading?


27. On which of the following cloud platform can a Snowflake account be hosted? Choose 2 answers


28. Which of the following are common use cases for zero-copy cloning? Choose 3 answers


29. True or False: Micro-partition metadata enables some operations to be completed without requiring Compute.


30. Which of the following accurately represents how a table fits into Snowflake’s logical container hierarchy?


31. True or False: When data share is established between a Data Provider and a data Consumer, the Data Consumer can extend that data share to other Data Consumers.


32. Increasing the maximum number of clusters in a Multi-Cluster Warehouse is an example of:


33. Which of the following connectors are available in the Downloads section of the Snowflake web Interface (UI) Choose 2 answers


34. Which of the following items does the Cloud services Layer manage? Choose 4 answers


35. Each incremental increase in Virtual Warehouse size (e,g. Medium to Large) generally results in what?


36. For a multi-cluster Warehouse, the number of credits billed is calculated on:


37. Which of the following are options when creating a Virtual Warehouse?


38. The FLATEEN function is used to query which type of data in Snowflake?


39. True or False: Multi_Factor Authentication (MFA) in Snowflake is only supported in conjunction with single Sign-on (sso).


40. Which of the following statements is true of zero-copy cloning?


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