Supplier Relationship Management 7.2 C_SRM_72 Real Questions

The latest SAP Certified Application Associate – Supplier Relationship Management 7.2 C_SRM_72 is online now. The certification “Solution Consultant Supplier Relationship Management SAP SRM 7.0 EHP 2”, verifies the knowledge in the area of SRM for the application associate consultant profile. PassQuestion new released Supplier Relationship Management 7.2 C_SRM_72 Real Questions to help you best prepare for your test and it can ensure you clear your SAP C_SRM_72 exam easily in your first go.

Test Online Supplier Relationship Management 7.2 C_SRM_72 Free Questions

1. SAP SRM provides predefined technical events for business objects. Events can be triggered by any of the following:


2. With reference to Master Data in SRM 7.2, which of the following are true?


3. Which SAP MDM component is used to schedule automated data imports?


4. Where do you maintain attribute access rights by role to control the authorization for users to change their own attributes?


5. What shopping cart status allows changing an existing shopping cart? (Choose two)


6. Requisitions were transferred from ECC 6.0 EhP04 to SRM 7.2 using SOA, but are missing from the sourcing work list.

Which transaction in SRM can you use to troubleshoot this problem?


7. For which kind of auctions do you use proxy bidding?


8. Which follow-on documents can be the result of an SRM confirmation of goods in the classic scenario?


9. What is configured in a process-controlled workflow when activating BC (Business Configuration) Sets delivered by SAP? (Choose two)


10. The three components that define the concept of Solution Monitoring are


11. Which of the following are true statements about parameter identifiers (PIDs)?


12. What do you activate to enable the administrator troubleshooting issues related to SRM objects (for example, shopping carts, purchase orders)?


13. Which master data is maintained in the SRM system?


14. Which of the following is the sequence of events for the ‘Inbound Processing and Receipt Confirmation without WM’ process? (Only one answer is correct)


15. Identify the features of the service desk from the listed below


16. What is used for downloading product categories from SAP ERP to SAP SRM?


17. In which implementation are product categories replicated without CRM middleware?


18. What configuration step is specific to the application-controlled workflow?


19. What is used to generate goods receipts posting in SAP ERP for confirmations of goods that are created in SRM?


20. Which documents are created for an invoice entered for a local purchase order in the standalone scenario?


21. Which of the following are types of status messages?


22. Which of the following is true of an input field?


23. For what type of document can service time sheet information be entered in SRM?


24. What are components of a user that is maintained in the SRM organization plan? (Choose three)


25. Based upon the information provided in the topic, choose the correct answers from the list below:


26. Identify the steps in ASAP methodology


27. Place the steps of the ASAP methodology in the correct order by matching the step name to the step number

1) Final Preparation

2) Realization

3) Project Preparation

4) Go live and support

5) Business BluePrint


28. What are the configuration options in SRM for FI data validation for shopping cart creation? (Choose three)


29. Where in the organizational plan do you assign the product categories to the purchasing group?


30. Your customer intends to transfer purchase requisitions with service hierarchies from their ERP (ECC 6.0 EhP4) to SRM (7.0) for sourcing.

Which scenario supports this functionality in the standard?


31. of the items listed below which are not features of configuration


32. Which of the following are true statements about multiple sessions?


33. During testing you discover that a confirmation created in SAP SRM did not generate a goods receipt posting in SAP ERP as expected.

Which transaction could be used to troubleshoot this problem?


34. The purpose of sap solution manager is to smoothly integrate various sap solutions to achieve which of the following


35. The purpose of ASAP is to successfully implement SAP solutions across multiple industries and customer environments


36. In SRM 7.2, how is the SRM Server identified when an employee logs on to the Portal to create a shopping cart?


37. When can the supplier’s data be used to create purchase orders if supplier self-service (SUS) is used?


38. Several follow-on documents can be generated directly from a sourcing transaction.

Which document requires a customer-specific implementation?


39. To which business objects can you add customer-specific fields using the Implementation Guide (IMG)? (Choose two)


40. Which of the following commands will close the current transaction and open the Easy Access screen?


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