SVC-19A Free Questions – Apple Service Fundamentals Exam

SVC-19A Apple Service Fundamentals Exam is a hot Apple Certification test, if you want to pass this exam, you can choose PassQuestion SVC-19A Real Exam Questions to study, the following is the SVC-19A free questions collected from PassQuestion SVC-19A Real Exam Questions.

1. Examine the image.

Which feature in macOS is opened by clicking on this dock icon?


2. Technician Tommy is replacing a logic board on a Mac mini.

Which of the following should he hold when handling the logic board?


3. Which of the following is a valid ESD safety precaution?


4. A computer service technician says, “I don’t use ESD precautions and have never had a problem.”

Which of the following is the correct response to this statement?


5. Which of the following statements are correct when considering the effects of ESD damage on a given product? (Choose two.)


6. Which equipment is used to check if an AC power outlet is properly grounded?


7. After iCloud Backup has been turned on, iCloud can automatically back up the iOS device each day over Wi-Fi.

Which of the following criteria must be met before these daily backups can be made automatically?


8. Which of the following features of iOS require an Apple ID to use?


9. April states she would like to use the cellular network from her iPhone to access the Internet for free on her Mac.

What true statement can you give April?


10. Which of the following are required to setup iTunes backup with an iPhone 8? (Сhoose two.)


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