TA-002-P Exam Questions To Pass HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate

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TA-002-P Exam Questions To Pass HashiCorp Certified: Terraform Associate

1. Terraform init can indeed be run only a few times, because, every time terraform init will initialize the project, and download all plugins from the internet repository, regardless of whether they were present or not, and this increases the waiting time.


2. The Terraform language does not support user-defined functions, and so only the functions built in to the language are available for use.


3. Which of the below configuration file formats are supported by Terraform? (Select TWO)


4. Please identify the offerings which are unique to Terraform Enterprise, and not available in either Terraform OSS, or Terraform Cloud. Select four.


5. terraform refresh command will not modify infrastructure, but does modify the state file.


6. Which of the following clouds does not have a provider maintained HashiCorp?


7. You have declared a variable name my_var in terraform configuration without a value associated with it.

variable my_var {}

After running terraform plan it will show an error as variable is not defined.


8. Environment variables can be used to set variables. The environment variables must be in the format “____”_<variablename>. Select the correct prefix string from the following list.


9. The terraform init command is always safe to run multiple times, to bring the working directory up to date with changes in the configuration. Though subsequent runs may give errors, this command will never delete your existing configuration or state.


10. ABC Enterprise has recently tied up with multiple small organizations for exchanging database information. Due to this, the firewall rules are increasing and are more than 100 rules. This is leading firewall configuration file that is difficult to manage.

What is the way this type of configuration can be managed easily?


11. A list(…) contain a number of values of the same type while an object(…) can contain a number of values of different types.


12. You do not need to specify every required argument in the backend configuration. Omitting certain arguments may be desirable to avoid storing secrets, such as access keys, within the main configuration. When some or all of the arguments are omitted, we call this a _____________.


13. lookup retrieves the value of a single element from which of the below data type?


14. Terraform must track metadata such as resource dependencies.

Where is this data stored?


15. Which of the below are paid features of Terraform Cloud?


16. Provisioners should only be used as a last resort.


17. Which Terraform command will force a marked resource to be destroyed and recreated on the next apply?


18. What allows you to conveniently switch between multiple instances of a single configuration within its single backend?


19. terraform refresh will update the state file?


20. What does terrafom plan do?


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