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Practice Online Tableau Desktop Specialist Free Questions

1. For Bullet Graphs we need at least ____________ measures


2. True or False: LEFT JOIN returns all rows from the left table, with the matching rows in the right table


3. Using the cwurData table, create a cross-tab showing the number of Publications per Country broken down by Institution, and filtered by Country to only show United Kingdown (UK).

For the University of Manchester, what percent of the total publications were contributed in 2014?


4. Is it possible to deploy a URL action on a dashboard object to open a Web Page within a dashboard rather than opening the system’s web browser?


5. True or False:

The Highlighting action can be disabled for the entire workbook.


6. True or False: Tableau can create worksheet-specific filters


7. Which of the following chart type makes use of ‘binned’ data?


8. Using the Time Series table, create a chart that shows the percent difference in Average Inventory on Hand for each Assortment by year and quarter.

How many quarters did the Electronics Assortment show a negative percent difference in the Average Inventory On Hand?


9. Which data type in Tableau does this icon represent?

Larger image


10. Dates in Tableau are typically treated as ______________


11. Larger image

What is this entire view referred to as in Tableau?


12. True or False: Bins can be created on dimensions


13. ________________ files are shortcuts for quickly connecting to the original data that you use often. Data source files do not contain the actual data but rather the information necessary to connect to the actual data as well as any modifications you’ve made on top of the actual data such as changing default properties, creating calculated fields, adding groups, and so on.


14. When you drop a continuous field on Color, Tableau displays a quantitative legend with a ___________ range of colors.


15. How do you identify a continuous field in Tableau?


16. The View Data window displays as much of the data as possible by default, up to _______________ rows.


17. ________________ is hosted by Tableau to share our visualisations publically with the world.


18. When using a Blend, what is the color of tick-mark on the primary and secondary data sources respectively?


19. What is the one critical difference between normal calculated fields, and the calculated fields created after Data blending?


20. When using Animations in a Tableau, which of the following is the default duration for animations?


21. By definition, Tableau displays measures over time as a ____________


22. When working with Excel, text file data, JSON file, .pdf file data, you can use _________________ to union files across folders, and worksheets across workbooks. Search is scoped to the selected connection.


23. In Tree maps, the size begins with the largest rectangle on the ________________ and the smallest rectangle on the ________________.


24. Which of the following are the options to export the data used to build the view / visualisations?


25. A field that shows average home values for the United States in 2016 is most likely :


26. You can use the __________________ in Tableau to clean / organise your data.


27. Using the Time-series table, create a cross tab showing the Sales for each Item Number-ID, broken down by Assortments, then add Grand totals to the view.

Which Item Number ID made the maximum sales across all assortments?


28. Which of the following can you add a reference line to?


29. Using the dataset, create a bar chart showing the average Quantity broken down by Region, and filtered by Country to only show Japan.

What was the average Quantity in the State of Tokyo?


30. How would you calculate GDP per capita in Tableau?


31. How can you format numbers in Tableau as currency?


32. What does the following icon do in Tableau?

Larger image


33. Suppose you have a bar chart. When we group by labels in a view, which of the following happens?


34. True or False: It is possible to change the Geographic Role of a dimension


35. Create a Set containing Customer Names whose Sales are GREATER than 30,000.

Which customer had the LEAST sales in this set?


36. _____________ is a snapshot of the data that Tableau stores locally. Good for very large datasets of which we only need few fields.


37. Are animations enabled by default in Tableau?


38. You want to add Custom shapes to your visualisation. Where can you add these new shapes?


39. According to Tableau’s ‘Order of Operations’, which of the following filters is applied FIRST?


40. True or False: A reference line cannot be added from the Analytics Pane


41. What does the box in a box plot represent?


42. How can you change the default Tableau repository location?


43. Which of the following are benefits of using Data Extracts in Tableau?


44. When exporting a worksheet as an image in Tableau, which of the following file formats are available?


45. To use a quick table calculation, which of the following programming languages do you need to know?


46. Which of the following is a benefit of using a Tableau Data Source (.tds)?


47. For a relative date filter, the default anchor is _________________


48. Using the atheletes table:

i) Create a sheet with a crosstab showing the Average weight for each sport (Sheet 1)

ii) Create a sheet with a Map showing the Total number of gold medals per Country. Use size as a Mark. (Sheet 2)

Now, Create a Dashboard containing both these sheets, and Use Sheet 2 as a Filter for Sheet 1.

What was the average weight for Badminton in Russia? (Ignore any nulls / unknowns)


49. Which of the following is not a Trend Line Model?


50. The default path for all supporting files, data sources, icons, logs etc is in


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