The Most Update DEA-1TT5 ISM V5 Exam Questions

How to pass your DEA-1TT5 certification exam? Latest DEA-1TT5 ISM V5 Exam Questions are online to be the best and easy learning materials to make your DEA-1TT5 exam be easy to pass. We provide you with the latest DEA-1TT5 ISM V5 Exam Questions containing exam questions and answers in line with newly release DEA-1TT5 test syllabus so that you can prepare for DEA-1TT5 exam with new trends and pass DEA-1TT5 Associate – Information Storage and Management Exam in first try.

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1. What is a function of the metadata service in an object-based storage device (OSD)?


2. Which action takes place during the login phase in an FCoE SAN?


3. Which cloud computing characteristic enables consumers to use cloud services on heterogeneous thin or thick client platforms?


4. Which cloud computing characteristic enables multi-tenancy and abstracts the location of provided resources?


5. Which client-server protocol uses a ticket-based authentication mechanism?


6. What is an accurate statement about hypervisor-based continuous data protection (CDP)?


7. Why is it important for organizations to implement a multi-site remote replication solution?


8. If a company has experienced a passive attack on its IT infrastructure, how is the company’s security impacted?


9. Why do organizations prefer to adopt Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)?


10. What keeps the name server up-to-date on all switches in a fabric?


11. Which component initiates scheduled backups during backup operations?


12. In a virtualized environment, which method enables a virtual machine to be rolled back in case of a logical corruption to the virtual machine?


13. What is an accurate statement about image-based backup of virtual machines (VMs)?


14. What is determined by the amount of space configured for the journal in continuous data protection (CDP) replication?


15. What is a component of an FCoE switch?


16. Which EMC product is a VNX array-based local replication software that creates a full volume mirrorof the source?


17. What does an area ID represent in Fibre Channel (FC) addressing?


18. What is an accurate statement about three-way NDMP backup in a NAS environment?


19. What is determined by the recovery point objective in a business continuity solution?


20. What describes dynamic disk sparing?


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