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1. IOPS is a key indicator to measure storage performance. Which of the following options will not affect the IOPS of the storage system?


2. By checking the operating performance of the storage system through DeviceManager, you can learn the real-time and long-term status of the storage system’s business performance.


3. Which of the following application scenarios does not belong to the typical application scenarios of Huawei hybrid flash storage?


4. Which of the following options is not a feature of distributed storage big data service solutions?


5. When the Smartvirtualization feature is used to host external LUNs in a heterogeneous storage system, and the read I/O request for external LUN data does not go through the heterogeneous storage system, where might the data exist?


6. A disaster recovery project adopts Huawei’s full-space snapshot solution at the network layer. A snapshot of the source volume will be created at 9:00, and the snapshot will be created at 9:10. During this process, the source volume has a write operation. Which of the following statements are correct?


7. A colleague is working on an active-active disaster recovery solution. Through testing the bandwidth of the arbitration server to the storage system at both ends is 4Mbit/s, the delay RTT is less than or equal to 40ms, and the packet loss rate is less than or equal to 1%. What will happen to this solution?


8. When configuring active and standby disaster recovery, which of the following conditions must be met for the LUNs on the primary and standby arrays?


9. Huawei’s end-to-end active-active data center solution is divided into six layers. What are these six layers?


10. Which of the following descriptions of Huawei’s OceanStor backup solution is wrong?


11. Which of the following statements are wrong about the implementation principle of file system snapshots? (Multiple choice)


12. Which of the following statements about the features of Huawei HyperMirror are correct? (Multiple choice)


13. Huawei’s hyper-converged storage has multiple data security assurance mechanisms. Which of the following statements is correct? (Multiple choice)


14. What are the correct statements about Huawei OceanStor 18810 V5 products? (Multiple choice)


15. Which of the following descriptions is incorrect about the technical principle of the DCL small bitmap in remote replication? (Multiple choice)


16. A company purchased a set of Huawei horizontally extended file storage to build a file sharing system. At present, the clients of each department use different IP subnets, and the storage administrator configures the front-end service IP addresses of all nodes to belong to the same subnet.

Which steps are correct for the storage administrator to configure the subnet? (Multiple choice)


17. What are the basic stages when planning and designing storage projects? (Multiple choice)


18. In the Huawei storage system, which of the following statements about rolling back HyperCDP are correct? (Multiple choice)


19. After purchasing Huawei’s all-flash storage devices, which of the following options must be planned when planning the basic storage business? (Multiple choice)


20. Which of the following options are disadvantages of HDFS components? (Multiple choice)


21. The remote replication feature is mainly used in disaster recovery backup scenarios. Which of the following statements about the remote replication feature are correct? (Multiple choice)


22. When planning and designing storage solutions, if customers focus on satisfying performance, which of the following aspects should be planned and designed? (Multiple choice)


23. When configuring basic storage services on Huawei all-flash storage, which of the following statements are correct? (Multiple choice)


24. Which of the following statements about N8500 CIFS sharing are correct? (Multiple choice)


25. In the Huawei Active-active Disaster Recovery Solution, which of the following are required components? (Multiple choice)


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