Try Free Palo Alto Networks PSE Strata Exam Demo Questions

You can practice online PassQuestion Palo Alto Networks PSE Strata Exam Demo Questions. Try PSE Strata exam questions for free. If you like our product, you can request full access to the all the latest Palo Alto Networks System Engineer Professional – Strata PSE Strata questions.

Try Free Palo Alto Networks PSE Strata Exam Demo Questions

1. Which two configuration items are required when the NGFW needs to act as a decryption broker for multiple transparent bridge security chains? (Choose two.)


2. A client chooses to not block uncategorized websites.

Which two additions should be made to help provide some protection? (Choose two.)


3. Which option is required to Activate/Retrieve a Device Management License on the M-100 Appliance after the Auth Codes have been activated on the Palo Alto Networks Support Site?


4. XYZ Corporation has a legacy environment with asymmetric routing. The customer understands that Palo Alto Networks firewalls can support asymmetric routing with redundancy.

Which two features must be enabled to meet the customer’s requirements? (Choose two.)


5. Which three settings must be configured to enable Credential Phishing Prevention? (Choose three.)


6. What is the basis for purchasing Cortex XDR licensing?


7. A service provider has acquired a pair of PA-7080s for its data center to secure its customer base’s traffic. The server provider’s traffic is largely generated by smart phones and averages 6.000,000 concurrent sessions.

Which Network Processing Card should be recommended in the Bill of Materials?


8. Which two products can send logs to the Cortex Data Lake? (Choose two.)


9. Which two components must be configured within User-ID on a new firewall that has been implemented? (Choose two.)


10. Which three categories are identified as best practices in the Best Practice Assessment tool? (Choose three.)


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