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Start to learn C_C4H620_03 SAP Certified Development Associate – SAP Customer Data Cloud exam? PassQuestion experts compiled this latest SAP Customer Data Cloud C_C4H620_03 Exam Questions, which is 100% real as the real exam, to help you grasp the most updated exam topics! Try the 20 C_C4H620_03 exam demo below to assess yourself! If you are interested in more real questions, get C_C4H620_03 exam dump for a single success.

1. Who does provide standard support for #open (PK) bookmark that allows opening an instance of Editor Area in a popup to display the entity denoted by the passed PK?


2. What are also looking to centralize and simplify access to products and services?


3. Which of the component is created, using this component SAP customer data cloud screen sets are rendered on the storefront?


4. Which of the components perform actions on a data platform – either extracting data from it or uploading data to it?


5. Which of the factory integration allows you to customize and enhance SAP Commerce features?


6. You would like to secure the communication of the Webhooks notifications.

Which of the following statements is valid?

Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.


7. Why deep linking is dependent on the single sign-on (SSO) configuration, which is typically done by Professional Services upon implementation in single sign-on and deep linking?


8. Which of the two sites should belong to the same data center?


9. What method of the iOS SDK would you use to display a plugin modally?


10. By which, we find out what were the bottlenecks of a job that took a long time to run, review performance issues, and monitor the number of records that completed the flow?


11. Which of the coverage illustrates statistics about the product count in each data quality range?


12. Which e-mail templates can you manage within the Console? Note: There are 3 correct answers to this question.


13. Which of the accelerator provides you with an accelerated path to the deployment of SAP Commerce in a public-sector organization such as a government department, local council, municipal authority or welfare agency?


14. Who can integrate sap commerce with sap cloud platform extension factory by establishing trust between the two system in Backoffice?


15. Who does provide the capabilities for customer identity and access management?


16. What will be able to create and manage Partner Admins as well as Partner Users?


17. Which type of framework has been designed to allow powerful business tools and user interfaces – fully leveraging SAP Commerce Cloud core platform functionality – to be developed easily and in a consistent way?


18. Which of the extension contains simplified interfaces for processing login, registration, and profile updates from SAP Customer Data Cloud?


19. What should you consider when creating a site group?


20. Which type of Module provides features that registers events and webservices from SAP Commerce to SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory?


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