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Are you looking for NS0-603 NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Architect exam preparation? You can get the latest NetApp NS0-603 practice exam with real questions and answers to practice so that you can feel confident to take your exam and pass your NS0-603 exam successfully.

You can try free NS0-603 sample questions to check how you are prepared.

1. You want to deploy NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP In AWS using NetApp Cloud Manager.

In this scenario, which two network protocols need to be specified in the security group rules to initiate a connection with your AWS tenant? (Choose two.)


2. You are designing an automation solution that you will use across both on-premises and cloud-based NetApp ONTAP systems. You want a single automation solution for both locations to reduce the administrative overhead.

In this scenario, which two automation tools would you use? (Choose two.)


3. You want to manage access to your hybrid cloud resources centrally. You want to use single sign-on (SSO) to access your NetApp Cloud Central accounts using credentials from your corporate directory.

Which two open standards would you use to federate your identity to the company’s SSO? (Choose two.)


4. Your customer wants to migrate from an on-premises backup and recovery architecture to a public cloud target solution.

Which two factors should be considered when designing this solution? (Choose two.)


5. You are asked to design a monitoring solution for your Cloud Volumes ONTAP environment for AWS. You decide to enable the Monitoring service in Cloud Manager.

In this scenario, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.


6. A customer has a multi-cloud environment and wants to deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP in both AWS and Azure.

In this scenario, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)


7. A customer is using AWS for their production environment. One of their applications uploads data into an AWS S3 bucket and the customer wants to duplicate this data into NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

In this scenario, how would the customer copy their data from AWS S3 to Cloud Volumes ONTAP?


8. Your customer requires a centralized repository of media files. The repository will be large (in petabytes), with content creators and editors using It from around the globe. They want a NetApp solution that requires minimal administrative resources and provides a good user experience.

In this scenario, which two NetApp technologies would satisfy these requirements? (Choose two.)


9. An IT organization transformed from an asset-based management approach into a service-provider approach by implementing adaptive QoS and multiple points of automation. Now, performance and cost of the system are predictable.

Which two metrics would the organization start to report after such a transition? (Choose two.)


10. Your organization requires you to consolidate your branch office Microsoft Windows file servers into the cloud with the objective to centralize all Microsoft Windows file shares (SMB) into your Active Directory domain. Your organization requires you to extend file shares from your Azure NetApp Files central data sources to your branch office workforce with support for file locking.

In this scenario, which NetApp cloud service provides the desired outcome?


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