[Update] CCNP Security 300-715 SISE Practice Exam Questions and Answers

For CCNP Security 300-715 SISE exam preparation, I recommend using the revised PassQuestion CCNP Security 300-715 SISE dumps with 20 questions and answers. The newest CCNP Security 300-715 SISE Practice Exam Questions and Answers are based on the exam objectives and are designed to help you assess your understanding. To assess your level of preparation, take this practice test first!

1. An organization wants to split their Cisco ISE deployment to separate the device administration functionalities from the mam deployment. For this to work, the administrator must deregister any nodes that will become a part of the new deployment, but the button for this option is grayed out.

Which configuration is causing this behavior?


2. Which personas can a Cisco ISE node assume’?


3. An engineer is configuring a dedicated SSID for onboarding devices.

Which SSID type accomplishes this configuration?


4. Which two endpoint compliance statuses are possible? (Choose two.)


5. An administrator is configuring cisco ISE lo authenticate users logging into network devices using TACACS+ The administrator is not seeing any oí the authentication in the TACACS+ live logs.

Which action ensures the users are able to log into the network devices?


6. An engineer is designing a BYOD environment utilizing Cisco ISE for devices that do not support native supplicants.

Which portal must the security engineer configure to accomplish this task?


7. A new employee just connected their workstation to a Cisco IP phone. The network administrator wants to ensure that the Cisco IP phone remains online when the user disconnects their Workstation from the corporate network.

Which CoA configuration meets this requirement?


8. An engineer is configuring web authentication using non-standard ports and needs the switch to redirect traffic to the correct port.

Which command should be used to accomplish this task?


9. An administrator is configuring posture with Cisco ISE and wants to check that specific services are present on the workstations that are attempting to access the network.

What must be configured to accomplish this goal?


10. An engineer is working with a distributed deployment of Cisco ISE and needs to configure various network probes to collect a set of attributes from the used to accomplish this task?


11. A company is attempting to improve their BYOD policies and restrict access based on certain criteria. The company’s subnets are organized by building.

Which attribute should be used in order to gain access based on location?


12. Which port does Cisco ISE use for native supplicant provisioning of a Windows laptop?


13. An organization is migrating its current guest network to Cisco ISE and has 1000 guest users in the current database There are no resources to enter this information into the Cisco ISE database manually.

What must be done to accomplish this task effciently?


14. Which two roles are taken on by the administration person within a Cisco ISE distributed environment? (Choose two.)


15. An administrator is attempting to replace the built-in self-signed certificates on a Cisco ISE appliance. The CA is requesting some information about the appliance in order to sign the new certificate.

What must be done in order to provide the CA this information?


16. What is an advantage of using EAP-TLS over EAP-MS-CHAPv2 for client authentication?


17. Which two components are required for creating a Native Supplicant Profile within a BYOD flow? (Choose two)


18. Which two fields are available when creating an endpoint on the context visibility page of Cisco IS? (Choose two)


19. Which supplicant(s) and server(s) are capable of supporting EAP-CHAINING?


20. A network engineer is configuring guest access and notices that when a guest user registers a second device for access, the first device loses access.

What must be done to ensure that both devices for a particular user are able to access the guest network simultaneously?


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