[Update] Free CCNP Collaboration 300-810 Practice Exam Questions and Answers

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re preparing for the 300-810 test and want to get ahead. Our experienced IT lecturers produced PassQuestion CCNP Collaboration 300-810 dumps, which includes exam questions and answers. These CCNP Collaboration 300-810 Practice Exam Questions and Answers are only a small sampling of what we have to offer. You can practice 20 sample questions and answers to test yourself.

1. To redirect calls from the phone extension for user A to the voicemail greeting, which call routing rule should be used in Cisco Unity Connection?


2. An administrator is configuring digital networking between Cisco Unity Connection clusters.

What are two requirements for the configuration? (Choose two.)


3. An engineer is configuring DNS for service discovery in a jabber deployment for On-premises Clients.

Which snippet will complete the SRV record name _ tcp.example.com?


4. Fraudulent calls are being made from Cisco Unity Connection.

Which action prevents the calls from reaching the PSTN using SCCP integration?


5. An engineer needs to configure individual call handler greetings on Cisco Unity Connection so that a single greeting can override all other greetings set by users during a holiday period.

Which type of greeting should be configured to accomplish this goal?


6. Which component of SAML SSO defines the transport mechanism that is used to deliver the SAML messages between entities?


7. Which two Cisco Unity Connection logs are used to troubleshoot issues with Message Waiting Indicators? (Choose two.)


8. What are two Cisco Jabber 12.6 on-premises deployment types that can be run on a Windows-enabled PC? (Choose two.)


9. Which SSO authentication method requires no action from the user when the session token times out?


10. Which SAML 2.0 profile is supported by Cisco UCM, Cisco Unified IM and Presence, and Unity Connection version 10.x and above?


11. Digital networking is configured between two Cisco Unity Connection clusters using an HTTPS connection.

Which two objects are replicated between these two clusters? (Choose two.)


12. Secure XMPP communication is required for XMPP federation with external domains and the Cisco IM and Presence.

Which certificate is used for XMPP interdomain federation when connecting to an externally federated domain?


13. Which SIP request type is used by Cisco Unity Connection to inform Cisco Unified Communications manager that the Message Waiting Indicator must be turned on or off for a specific line?


14. What is the primary mechanism in Cisco Unity Connection that is used for toll fraud prevention?


15. Which two steps are needed to configure high availability in Cisco IM and presence? (choose two.)


16. An engineer is importing users into Cisco Unity Connection using AXL and discovers that some users are not listed in the import view.

Which action should be taken to resolve this issue?


17. An engineer is checking the Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Cisco Unity Connection integration and presses the Message button on a phone to check the voicemail.

Which action does Cisco Unified CM take?


18. Which function of the Cisco IM and Presence high availability solution is true?


19. An administrator is setting up the Cisco Unified IM and Presence on-premises high availability feature and wants the Server Recovery Manager to initiate failover after 90 seconds. However, failover is happening after 60 seconds How is this issue corrected?


20. An administrator is configuring Cisco Jabber 12.8 to work with Cisco UCM and Cisco IM and Presence 12.5 using an encrypted SIP profile.

Which record should be configured for Jabber to work when logging into the corporate network with the domain “domain.com?


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