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1. Topic 1, Exam Pool OCT

A company’s security team has defined a set of AWS Config rules that must be enforced globally in all AWS accounts the company owns.

What should be done to provide a consolidated compliance overview for the security team?


2. A security engineer is designing an incident response plan to address the risk of a compromised Amazon EC2 instance.

The plan must recommend a solution to meet the following requirements:

• A trusted forensic environment must be provisioned

• Automated response processes must be orchestrated

Which AWS services should be included in the plan? {Select TWO)


3. A security engineer has been tasked with implementing a solution that allows the company’s development team to have interactive command line access to Amazon EC2 Linux instances using the AWS Management Console.

Which steps should the security engineer take to satisfy this requirement while maintaining least privilege?


4. A large government organization is moving to the cloud and has specific encryption requirements. The first workload to move requires that a customer’s data be immediately destroyed when the customer makes that request.

Management has asked the security team to provide a solution that will securely store the data, allow only authorized applications to perform encryption and decryption and allow for immediate destruction of the data

Which solution will meet these requirements?


5. Unapproved changes were previously made to a company’s Amazon S3 bucket. A security engineer configured AWS Config to record configuration changes made to the company’s S3 buckets. The engineer discovers there are S3 configuration changes being made, but no Amazon SNS notifications are being sent. The engineer has already checked the configuration of the SNS topic and has confirmed the configuration is valid.

Which combination of steps should the security engineer take to resolve the issue? (Select TWO.)


6. A company is operating an open-source software platform that is internet facing. The legacy software platform no longer receives security updates. The software platform operates using Amazon route 53 weighted load balancing to send traffic to two Amazon EC2 instances that connect to an Amazon POS cluster a recent report suggests this software platform is vulnerable to SQL injection attacks. with samples of attacks provided. The company’s security engineer must secure this system against SQL injection attacks within 24 hours. The secure, engineer’s solution involve the least amount of effort and maintain normal operations during implementation.

What should the security engineer do to meet these requirements?


7. A company is using AWS Organizations to manage multiple AWS accounts. The company has an application that allows users to assume the AppUser IAM role to download files from an Amazon S3 bucket that is encrypted with an AWS KMS CMK However when users try to access the files in the S3 bucket they get an access denied error.

What should a Security Engineer do to troubleshoot this error? (Select THREE)


8. A security engineer has noticed that VPC Flow Logs are getting a lot REJECT traffic originating from a single Amazon EC2 instance in an Auto Scaling group. The security engineer is concerned that this EC2 instance may be compromised.

What immediate action should the security engineer take?


9. A company is collecting AWS CloudTrail log data from multiple AWS accounts by managing individual trails in each account and forwarding log data to a centralized Amazon S3 bucket residing in a log archive account. After CloudTrail introduced support for AWS Organizations trails, the company decided to further centralize management and automate deployment of the CloudTrail logging capability across all of its AWS accounts.

The company’s security engineer created an AWS Organizations trail in the master account, enabled server-side encryption with AWS KMS managed keys (SSE-KMS) for the log files, and specified the same bucket as the storage location. However, the engineer noticed that logs recorded by the new trail were not delivered to the bucket.

Which factors could cause this issue? (Select TWO.)


10. Which of the following are valid configurations for using SSL certificates with Amazon CloudFront? (Select THREE)


11. A company has implemented centralized logging and monitoring of AWS CloudTrail logs from all Regions in an Amazon S3 bucket. The log Hies are encrypted using AWS KMS. A Security Engineer is attempting to review the log files using a third-party tool hosted on an Amazon EC2 instance. The Security Engineer is unable to access the logs in the S3 bucket and receives an access denied error message.

What should the Security Engineer do to fix this issue?


12. A company has a VPC with several Amazon EC2 instances behind a NAT gateway. The company’s security policy states that all network traffic must be logged and must include the original source and destination IP addresses. The existing VPC Flow Logs do not include this information. A security engineer needs to recommend a solution.

Which combination of steps should the security engineer recommend? (Select TWO)


13. A company recently performed an annual security assessment of its AWS environment. The assessment showed that audit logs are not available beyond 90 days and that unauthorized changes to IAM policies are made without detection.

How should a security engineer resolve these issues?


14. A company has several critical applications running on a large fleet of Amazon EC2 instances. As part of a security operations review, the company needs to apply a critical operating system patch to EC2 instances within 24 hours of the patch becoming available from the operating system vendor. The company does not have a patching solution deployed on AWS, but does have AWS Systems Manager configured. The solution must also minimize administrative overhead.

What should a security engineer recommend to meet these requirements?


15. A security engineer is asked to update an AW3 CoudTrail log file prefix for an existing trail. When attempting to save the change in the CloudTrail console, the security engineer receives the following error message. "There is a problem with the bucket policy”

What will enable the security engineer to saw the change?


16. The rule set in the virtual appliance is correct

Which of the following are other valid items to troubleshoot in this scenario? (Choose two.)


17. A Web Administrator for the website example.com has created an Amazon CloudFront distribution for dev.example.com, with a requirement to configure HTTPS using a custom TLS certificate imported to AWS Certificate Manager.

Which combination of steps is required to ensure availability of the certificate in the CloudFront console? (Choose two.)


18. A company’s Security Engineer has been asked to monitor and report all AWS account root user activities.

Which of the following would enable the Security Engineer to monitor and report all root user activities? (Select TWO)


19. A company Is building a data lake on Amazon S3. The data consists of millions of small files containing sensitive information.

The security team has the following requirements for the architecture:

• Data must be encrypted in transit.

• Data must be encrypted at rest.

• The bucket must be private, but if the bucket is accidentally made public, the data must remain confidential.

Which combination of steps would meet the requirements? (Select THREE.)


20. A recent security audit identified that a company’s application team injects database credentials into the environment variables of an AWS Fargate task. The company’s security policy mandates that all sensitive data be encrypted at rest and in transit.

When combination of actions should the security team take to make the application compliant within the security policy? (Select THREE)


21. A company is designing the securely architecture (or a global latency-sensitive web application it plans to deploy to AWS. A Security Engineer needs to configure a highly available and secure two-tier architecture. The security design must include controls to prevent common attacks such as DDoS, cross-site scripting, and SQL injection.

Which solution meets these requirements?


22. A company is running an application on Amazon EC2 instances in an Auto Scaling group. The application stores logs locally A security engineer noticed that logs were lost after a scale-in event. The security engineer needs to recommend a solution to ensure the durability and availability of log data All logs must be kept for a minimum of 1 year for auditing purposes.

What should the security engineer recommend?


23. A company has multiple production AWS accounts. Each account has AWS CloudTrail configured to log to a single Amazon S3 bucket in a central account. Two of the production accounts have trails that are not logging anything to the S3 bucket.

Which steps should be taken to troubleshoot the issue? (Choose three.)


24. A company has several workloads running on AWS Employees are required to authenticate using on-premises ADFS and SSO to access the AWS Management Console Developers migrated an existing legacy web application to an Amazon EC2 instance Employees need to access this application from anywhere on the internet but currently, mere is no authentication system but into the application.

How should the Security Engineer implement employee-only access to this system without changing the application?


25. A company has a website with an Amazon CloudFront HTTPS distribution, an Application Load Balancer (ALB) with multiple web instances for dynamic website content, and an Amazon S3 bucket for static website content.

The company’s security engineer recently updated the website security requirements:

• HTTPS needs to be enforced for all data in transit with specific ciphers.

• The CloudFront distribution needs to be accessible from the internet only.

Which solution will meet these requirements?

Set up an S3 bucket policy with the awssecuretransport key Configure the CloudFront origin access identity (OAI) with the S3 bucket Configure CloudFront to use specific ciphers. Enforce the ALB with an HTTPS listener only and select the appropriate security policy for the ciphers Link the ALB with AWS WAF to allow access from the CloudFront IP ranges.

Set up an S3 bucket policy with the aws:securetransport key. Configure the CloudFront origin access identity (OAI) with the S3 bucket. Enforce the ALB with an HTTPS listener only and select the appropriate security policy for the ciphers.

Modify the CloudFront distribution to use AWS WAF. Force HTTPS on the S3 bucket with specific ciphers in the bucket policy. Configure an HTTPS listener only for the ALB. Set up a security group to limit access to the ALB from the CloudFront IP ranges

Modify the CloudFront distribution to use the ALB as the origin. Enforce an HTTPS listener on the ALB. Create a path-based routing rule on the ALB with proxies that connect lo Amazon S3. Create a bucket policy to allow access from these proxies only.

A company Is trying to replace its on-premises bastion hosts used to access on-premises Linux servers with AWS Systems Manager Session Manager. A security engineer has installed the Systems Manager Agent on all servers. The security engineer verifies that the agent is running on all the servers, but Session Manager cannot connect to them. The security engineer needs to perform verification steps before Session Manager will work on the servers.

Which combination of steps should the security engineer perform? (Select THREE.)


26. A company has recently recovered from a security incident that required the restoration of Amazon EC2 instances from snapshots.

After performing a gap analysis of its disaster recovery procedures and backup strategies, the company is concerned that, next time, it will not be able to recover the EC2 instances if the AWS account was compromised and Amazon EBS snapshots were deleted.

All EBS snapshots are encrypted using an AWS KMS CMK.

Which solution would solve this problem?


27. A Security Engineer manages AWS Organizations for a company. The Engineer would like to restrict AWS usage to allow Amazon S3 only in one of the organizational units (OUs).

The Engineer adds the following SCP to the OU:

The next day. API calls to AWS IAM appear in AWS CloudTrail logs In an account under that OU.

How should the Security Engineer resolve this issue?


28. STION NO: 63

A company has a serverless application for internal users deployed on AWS. The application uses AWS Lambda for the front end and for business logic. The Lambda function accesses an Amazon RDS database inside a VPC. The company uses AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store for storing database credentials.

A recent security review highlighted the following issues.

• The Lambda function has internet access.

• The relational database is publicly accessible.

• The database credentials are not stored in an encrypted state.

Which combination of steps should the company take to resolve these security issues? (Select THREE)


29. A company has decided to migrate sensitive documents from on-premises data centers to Amazon S3. Currently, the hard drives are encrypted to meet a compliance requirement regarding data encryption. The CISO wants to improve security by encrypting each file using a different key instead of a single key. Using a different key would limit the security impact of a single exposed key.

Which of the following requires the LEAST amount of configuration when implementing this approach?


30. A company hosts a web-based application that captures and stores sensitive data in an Amazon DynamoDB table. A security audit reveals that the application does not provide end-to-end data protection or the ability to detect unauthorized data changes. The software engineering team needs to make changes that will address the audit findings.

Which set of steps should the software engineering team take?


31. A company uses a third-party identity provider and SAML-based SSO for its AWS accounts After the third-party identity provider renewed an expired signing certificate users saw the following message when trying to log in:

A security engineer needs to provide a solution that corrects the error and minimizes operational overhead Which solution meets these requirements?


32. A company has a compliance requirement to rotate its encryption keys on an annual basis. A Security Engineer needs a process to rotate the KMS Customer Master Keys (CMKs) that were created using imported key material.

How can the Engineer perform the key rotation process MOST efficiently?


33. A company’s Developers plan to migrate their on-premises applications to Amazon EC2 instances running Amazon Linux AMIs. The applications are accessed by a group of partner companies.

The Security Engineer needs to implement the following host-based security measures for these instances:

• Block traffic from documented known bad IP addresses

* Detect known software vulnerabilities and CIS Benchmarks compliance.

Which solution addresses these requirements?


34. A Security Engineer noticed an anomaly within a company EC2 instance as shown in the image.

The Engineer must now investigate what e causing the anomaly.

What are the MOST effective steps to take lo ensure that the instance is not further manipulated while allowing the Engineer to understand what happened?


35. A security engineer needs to configure monitonng and auditing for AWS Lambda.

Which combination of actions using AWS services should the security engineer take to accomplish this goal? (Select TWO.)


36. A company has an AWS account and allows a third-party contractor who uses another AWS account, to assume certain IAM roles. The company wants to ensure that IAM roles can be assumed by the contractor only if the contractor has multi-factor authentication enabled on their IAM user accounts

What should the company do to accomplish this?






37. A company uses Microsoft Active Directory for access management for on-premises resources and wants to use the same mechanism for accessing its AWS accounts. Additionally, the development team plans to launch a public-facing application for which they need a separate authentication solution.

When coma nation of the following would satisfy these requirements? (Select TWO)


38. A company wants to encrypt data locally while meeting regulatory requirements related to key exhaustion. The encryption key can be no more than 10 days old or encrypt more than 2" 16 objects Any encryption key must be generated on a FlPS-validated hardware security module (HSM). The company is cost-conscious, as plans to upload an average of 100 objects to Amazon S3 each second for sustained operations across 5 data producers

When approach MOST efficiently meets the company’s needs?


39. A company plans to use custom AMIs to launch Amazon EC2 instances across multiple AWS accounts in a single Region to perform security monitoring and analytics tasks. The EC2 instances are launched in EC2 Auto Scaling groups. To increase the security of the solution, a Security Engineer will manage the lifecycle of the custom AMIs in a centralized account and will encrypt them with a centrally managed AWS KMS CMK. The Security Engineer configured the KMS key policy to allow cross-account access. However, the EC2 instances are still not being properly launched by the EC2 Auto Scaling groups.

Which combination of configuration steps should the Security Engineer take to ensure the EC2 Auto Scaling groups have been granted the proper permissions to execute tasks?


40. A security engineer is designing a solution that will provide end-to-end encryption between clients and Docker containers running In Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS). This solution will also handle volatile traffic patterns.

Which solution would have the MOST scalability and LOWEST latency?


41. A security engineer has noticed an unusually high amount of traffic coming from a single IP address. This was discovered by analyzing the Application Load Balancer’s access logs.

How can the security engineer limit the number of requests from a specific IP address without blocking the IP address?


42. A Security Engineer has several thousand Amazon EC2 instances split across production and development environments. Each instance is tagged with its environment. The Engineer needs to analyze and patch all the development EC2 instances to ensure they are not currently exposed to any common vulnerabilities or exposures (CVEs).

Which combination of steps is the MOST efficient way for the Engineer to meet these requirements? (Select TWO.)


43. An application running on Amazon EC2 instances generates log files in a folder on a Linux file system. The instances block access to the console and file transfer utilities, such as Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) and Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). The Application Support team wants to automatically monitor the application log files so the team can set up notifications in the future.

A Security Engineer must design a solution that meets the following requirements:

• Make the log files available through an AWS managed service.

• Allow for automatic monitoring of the logs.

• Provide an Interlace for analyzing logs.

• Minimize effort.

Which approach meets these requirements^


44. To meet regulatory requirements, a Security Engineer needs to implement an IAM policy that restricts the use of AWS services to the us-east-1 Region.

What policy should the Engineer implement?






45. A company has a VPC with an IPv6 address range and a public subnet with an IPv6 address block. The VPC currently hosts some public Amazon EC2 instances but a Security Engineer needs to migrate a second application into the VPC that also requires IPv6 connectivity.

This new application will occasionally make API requests to an external, internet-accessible endpoint to receive updates However, the Security team does not want the application’s EC2 instance exposed directly to the internet The Security Engineer intends to create a private subnet with a custom route table and to associate the route table with the private subnet

What else does the Security Engineer need to do to ensure the application will not be exposed directly to the internet, but can still communicate as required”


46. A Security Engineer accidentally deleted the imported key material in an AWS KMS CMK.

What should the Security Engineer do to restore the deleted key material?


47. Authorized Administrators are unable to connect to an Amazon EC2 Linux bastion host using SSH over the internet. The connection either fails to respond or generates the following error message:

Network error: Connection timed out.

What could be responsible for the connection failure? (Select THREE)


48. A company is setting up products to deploy in AWS Service Catalog. Management is concerned that when users launch products, elevated IAM privileges will be required to create resources.

How should the company mitigate this concern?


49. A company is configuring three Amazon EC2 instances with each instance in a separate Availability Zone. The EC2 instances wilt be used as transparent proxies for outbound internet traffic for ports 80 and 443 so the proxies can block traffic to certain internet destinations as required by the company’s security policies.

A Security Engineer completed the following:

• Set up the proxy software on the EC2 instances.

• Modified the route tables on the private subnets to use the proxy EC2 instances as the default route.

• Created a security group rule opening inbound port 80 and 443 TCP protocols on the proxy EC2 instance security group.

However, the proxy EC2 instances are not successfully forwarding traffic to the internet.

What should the Security Engineer do to make the proxy EC2 instances route traffic to the internet?


50. A financial institution has the following security requirements:

• Cloud-based users must be contained in a separate authentication domain.

• Cloud-based users cannot access on-premises systems.

As part of standing up a cloud environment, the financial institution is creating a number of Amazon managed databases and Amazon EC2 instances. An Active Directory service exists on-premises that has all the administrator accounts, and these must be able to access the databases and instances.

How would the organization manage its resources in the MOST secure manner? (Choose two.)


51. An application developer is using an AWS Lambda function that must use AWS KMS to perform encrypt and decrypt operations for API keys that are less than 2 KB.

Which key policy would allow the application to do this while granting least privilege?


52. A Developer is building a serverless application that uses Amazon API Gateway as the front end. The application will not be publicly accessible. Other legacy applications running on Amazon EC2 will make calls to the application A Security Engineer Has been asked to review the security controls for authentication and authorization of the application.

Which combination of actions would provide the MOST secure solution? (Select TWO)


53. A company has an encrypted Amazon S3 bucket. An Application Developer has an IAM policy that allows access to the S3 bucket, but the Application Developer is unable to access objects within the bucket.

What is a possible cause of the issue?


54. A company’s web application is hosted on Amazon EC2 instances running behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB) in an Auto Scaling group. An AWS WAF web ACL is associated with the ALB. AWS CloudTrail is enabled, and stores logs in Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudWatch Logs.

The operations team has observed some EC2 instances reboot at random. After rebooting, all access logs on the instances have been deleted. During an investigation, the operations team found that each reboot happened just after a PHP error occurred on the new-user-creation.php file. The operations team needs to view log information to determine if the company is being attacked.

Which set of actions will identify the suspect attacker’s IP address for future occurrences?


55. After a recent security audit involving Amazon S3, a company has asked assistance reviewing its S3 buckets to determine whether data is properly secured.

The first S3 bucket on the list has the following bucket policy.

Is this bucket policy sufficient to ensure that the data is not publicity accessible?


56. A company’s security engineer is configuring Amazon S3 permissions to ban all current and future public buckets However, the company hosts several websites directly off S3 buckets with public access enabled. The engineer needs to bock me pubic S3 buckets without causing any outages on me easting websites. The engineer has set up an Amazon CloudFrom distribution (or each website.

Which set or steps should the security engineer implement next?


57. An application is currently secured using network access control lists and security groups. Web servers are located in public subnets behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB); application servers are located in private subnets.

How can edge security be enhanced to safeguard the Amazon EC2 instances against attack? (Choose two.)


58. A company wants to encrypt the private network between its orvpremises environment and AWS. The company also wants a consistent network experience for its employees.

What should the company do to meet these requirements?


59. A company has decided to use encryption in its AWS account to secure the objects in Amazon S3 using server-side encryption. Object sizes range from 16.000 B to 5 MB.

The requirements are as follows:

• The key material must be generated and stored in a certified Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140-2 Level 3 machine.

• The key material must be available in multiple Regions.

Which option meets these requirements?


60. A global company that deals with International finance is investing heavily in cryptocurrencies and wants to experiment with mining technologies using AWS. The company’s security team has enabled Amazon GuardDuty and is concerned by the number of findings being generated by the accounts. The security team wants to minimize the possibility of GuardDuty finding false negatives for compromised instances that are performing mining

How can the security team continue using GuardDuty while meeting these requirements?


61. A security engineer must use AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) to design a key management solution for a set of Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volumes that contain sensitive data. The solution needs to ensure that the key material automatically expires in 90 days.

Which solution meets these criteria?


62. A company’s application runs on Amazon EC2 and stores data in an Amazon S3 bucket The company wants additional security controls in place to limit the likelihood of accidental exposure of data to external parties.

Which combination of actions will meet this requirement? (Select THREE.)


63. A Security Administrator at a university is configuring a fleet of Amazon EC2 instances. The EC2 instances are shared among students, and non-root SSH access is allowed. The Administrator is concerned about students attacking other AWS account resources by using the EC2 instance metadata service.

What can the Administrator do to protect against this potential attack?


64. An employee accidentally exposed an AWS access key and secret access key during a public presentation. The company Security Engineer immediately disabled the key.

How can the Engineer assess the impact of the key exposure and ensure that the credentials were not misused? (Choose two.)


65. A company has several production AWS accounts and a central security AWS account. The security account is used for centralized monitoring and has IAM privileges to all resources in every corporate account. All of the company’s Amazon S3 buckets are tagged with a value denoting the data classification of their contents.

A Security Engineer is deploying a monitoring solution in the security account that will enforce bucket policy compliance. The system must monitor S3 buckets in all production accounts and confirm that any policy change is in accordance with the bucket’s data classification. If any change is out of compliance; the Security team must be notified quickly.

Which combination of actions would build the required solution? (Choose three.)


66. A security engineer is auditing a production system and discovers several additional IAM roles that are not required and were not previously documented during the last audit 90 days ago. The engineer is trying to find out who created these IAM roles and when they were created. The solution must have the lowest operational overhead.

Which solution will meet this requirement?


67. After multiple compromises of its Amazon EC2 instances, a company’s Security Officer is mandating that memory dumps of compromised instances be captured for further analysis. A Security Engineer just received an EC2 abuse notification report from AWS stating that an EC2 instance running the most recent Windows Server 2019 Base AMI is compromised.

How should the Security Engineer collect a memory dump of the EC2 instance for forensic analysis?


68. A Security Engineer creates an Amazon S3 bucket policy that denies access to all users. A few days later, the Security Engineer adds an additional statement to the bucket policy to allow read-only access to one other employee Even after updating the policy the employee still receives an access denied message.

What is the likely cause of this access denial?


69. A security engineer must develop an encryption tool for a company. The company requires a cryptographic solution that supports the ability to perform cryptographic erasure on all resources protected by the key material in 15 minutes or less

Which AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS) key solution will allow the security engineer to meet these requirements?


70. A company is using AWS Organizations to manage multiple AWS member accounts. All of these accounts have Amazon GuardDuty enabled in all Regions. The company’s AW5 Security Operations Center has a centralized security account for logging and monitoring. One of the member accounts has received an excessively high bill A security engineer discovers that a compromised Amazon EC2 instance is being used to mine crypto currency. The Security Operations Center did not receive a GuardDuty finding in the central security account.

but there was a GuardDuty finding in the account containing the compromised EC2 instance. The security engineer needs to ensure an GuardDuty finding are available in the security account.

What should the security engineer do to resolve this issue?


71. An external Auditor finds that a company’s user passwords have no minimum length.

The company is currently using two identity providers:

• AWS IAM federated with on-premises Active Directory

• Amazon Cognito user pools to accessing an AWS Cloud application developed by the company

Which combination o1 actions should the Security Engineer take to solve this issue? (Select TWO.)


72. A Developer signed in to a new account within an AWS Organizations organizations unit (OU) containing multiple accounts.

Access to the Amazon S3 service is restricted with the following SCP:

How can the Security Engineer provide the Developer with Amazon S3 access without affecting other accounts?


73. A company’s development team is designing an application using AWS Lambda and Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS). The development team needs to create IAM roles to support these systems. The company’s security team wants to allow the developers to build IAM roles directly, but the security team wants to retain control over the permissions the developers can delegate to those roles. The development team needs access to more permissions than those required for the application’s AWS services. The solution must minimize management overhead.

How should the security team prevent privilege escalation for both teams?


74. A company had one of its Amazon EC2 key pairs compromised. A Security Engineer must identify which current Linux EC2 instances were deployed and used the compromised key pair.

How can this task be accomplished?


75. A Developer reported that AWS CloudTrail was disabled on their account. A Security Engineer investigated the account and discovered the event was undetected by the current security solution. The Security Engineer must recommend a solution that will detect future changes to the CloudTrail configuration and send alerts when changes occur.

What should the Security Engineer do to meet these requirements?


76. A security engineer need to ensure their company’s uses of AWS meets AWS security best practices. As part of this, the AWS account root user must not be used for daily work. The root user must be monitored for use, and the Security team must be alerted as quickly as possible if the root user is used.

Which solution meets these requirements?


77. A website currently runs on Amazon EC2 with mostly static content on the site. Recently, the site was subjected to a ODoS attack, and a Security Engineer was tasked with redesigning the edge security to help mitigate this risk in the future

What are some ways the Engineer could achieve this? (Select THREE)


78. A company always needs its Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) volumes to be encrypted During a security incident. EBS snapshots of suspicious instances are shared to a forensics account for analysis A security engineer attempting to share a suspicious EBS snapshot to the forensics account receives the following error "Unable to share snapshot: An error occurred (OperationNotPermitted) when calling the ModifySnapshotAttribute operation: Encrypted snapshots with EBS default key cannot be shared.

Which combination of steps should the security engineer take in the incident account to complete the sharing operation? (Select THREE)


79. A Security Engineer has launched multiple Amazon EC2 instances from a private AMI using an AWS CloudFormation template. The Engineer notices instances terminating right after they are launched.

What could be causing these terminations?


80. A Security Engineer has discovered that, although encryption was enabled on the Amazon S3 bucket example bucket, anyone who has access to the bucket has the ability to retrieve the files. The Engineer wants to limit access to each IAM user can access an assigned folder only.

What should the Security Engineer do to achieve this?


81. Users report intermittent availability of a web application hosted on AWS. Monitoring systems report an excess of abnormal network traffic followed by high CPU utilization on the application web tier.

Which of the following techniques will improve the availability of the application? (Select TWO.)


82. An AWS account administrator created an IAM group and applied the following managed policy to require that each individual user authenticate using multi-factor authentication:

After implementing the policy, the administrator receives reports that users are unable to perform Amazon EC2 commands using the AWS CLI.

What should the administrator do to resolve this problem while still enforcing multi-factor authentication?


83. The Security Engineer is managing a traditional three-tier web application that is running on Amazon EC2 instances. The application has become the target of increasing numbers of malicious attacks from the Internet.

What steps should the Security Engineer take to check for known vulnerabilities and limit the attack surface? (Choose two.)


84. A Security Engineer discovered a vulnerability in an application running on Amazon ECS. The vulnerability allowed attackers to install malicious code. Analysis of the code shows it exfiltrates data on port 5353 in batches at random time intervals.

While the code of the containers is being patched, how can Engineers quickly identify all compromised hosts and stop the egress of data on port 5353?


85. A company’s Director of information Security wants a daily email report from AWS that contains recommendations for each company account to meet AWS Security best practices.

Which solution would meet these requirements?


86. Two Amazon EC2 instances in different subnets should be able to connect to each other but cannot. It has been confirmed that other hosts in the same subnets are able to communicate successfully, and that security groups have valid ALLOW rules in place to permit this traffic.

Which of the following troubleshooting steps should be performed?


87. A company’s Security Officer is concerned about the risk of AWS account root user logins and has assigned a Security Engineer to implement a notification solution for near-real-time alerts upon account root user logins.

How should the Security Engineer meet these requirements?


88. A company has multiple AWS accounts that are part of AW5 Organizations. The company’s Security team wants to ensure that even those Administrators with full access to the company’s AWS accounts are unable to access the company’s Amazon S3 buckets

How should this be accomplished?


89. A company uses HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) to stream live video content to paying subscribers by using Amazon CloudFront. HLS splits the video content into chunks so that the user can request the right chunk based on different conditions Because the video events last for several hours, the total video is made up of thousands of chunks

The origin URL is not disclosed and every user is forced to access the CloudFront URL The company has a web application that authenticates the paying users against an internal repository and a CloudFront key pair that is already issued.

What is the simplest and MOST effective way to protect the content?


90. An organization policy states that all encryption keys must be automatically rotated every 12 months.

Which AWS Key Management Service (KMS) key type should be used to meet this requirement?


91. A security engineer is responsible for providing secure access to AWS resources for thousands of developer in a company’s corporate identity provider (idp). The developers access a set of AWS services from the corporate premises using IAM credential. Due to the velum of require for provisioning new IAM users, it is taking a long time to grant access permissions. The security engineer receives reports that developer are sharing their IAM credentials with others to avoid provisioning delays. The causes concern about overall security for the security engineer.

Which actions will meet the program requirements that address security?


92. A company requires that SSH commands used to access its AWS instance be traceable to the user who executed each command.

How should a Security Engineer accomplish this?


93. A company’s information security team wants to analyze Amazon EC2 performance and utilization data in the near-real time for anomalies. A Sec Engineer is responsible for log aggregation. The Engineer must collect logs from all of the company’s AWS accounts in centralized location to perform the analysis.

How should the Security Engineer do this?

Log in to each account four te a day and filter the AWS CloudTrail log data, then copy and paste the logs in to the Amazon S3 bucket in the destination account.


94. A Security Engineer is setting up an AWS CloudTrail trail for all regions in an AWS account. For added security, the logs are stored using server-side encryption with AWS KMS-managed keys (SSE-KMS) and have log integrity validation enabled.

While testing the solution, the Security Engineer discovers that the digest files are readable, but the log files are not.

What is the MOST likely cause?


95. A security engineer has created an Amazon Cognito user pool. The engineer needs to

manually verify the ID and access token sent by the application for troubleshooting purposes

What is the MOST secure way to accomplish this?


96. A Security Engineer launches two Amazon EC2 instances in the same Amazon VPC but in separate Availability Zones. Each instance has a public IP address and is able to connect to external hosts on the internet. The two instances are able to communicate with each other by using their private IP addresses, but they are not able to communicate with each other when using their public IP addresses.

Which action should the Security Engineer take to allow communication over the public IP addresses?


97. A company uses multiple AWS accounts managed with AWS Organizations Security engineers have created a standard set of security groups for all these accounts. The security policy requires that these security groups be used for all applications and delegates modification authority to the security team only.

A recent security audit found that the security groups are inconsistency implemented across accounts and that unauthorized changes have been made to the security groups. A security engineer needs to recommend a solution to improve consistency and to prevent unauthorized changes in the individual accounts in the future.

Which solution should the security engineer recommend?


98. A company’s security information events management (SIEM) tool receives new AWS CloudTrail logs from an Amazon S3 bucket that is configured to send all object created event notification to an Amazon SNS topic An Amazon SQS queue is subscribed to this SNS topic. The company’s SEM tool then ports this SQS queue for new messages using an IAM role and fetches new log events from the S3 bucket based on the SQS messages. After a recent security review that resulted m restricted permissions, the SEM tool has stopped receiving new CloudTral logs

Which of the following are possible causes of this issue? (Select THREE)


99. A city is implementing an election results reporting website that will use Amazon GoudFront The website runs on a fleet of Amazon EC2 instances behind an Application Load Balancer (ALB) in an Auto Scaling group. Election results are updated hourly and are stored as .pdf tiles in an Amazon S3 bucket. A Security Engineer needs to ensure that all external access to the website goes through CloudFront.

Which solution meets these requirements?


100. An company is using AWS Secrets Manager to store secrets that are encrypted using a CMK and are stored in the security account 111122223333. One of the company’s production accounts. 444455556666, must to retrieve the secret values from the security account 111122223333. A security engineer needs to apply a policy to the secret in the security account based on least privilege access so the production account can retrieve the secret value only.

Which policy should the security engineer apply?


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