Updated H35-211 Questions and Answers To Pass HCIP-Access Certification

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Updated H35-211 Questions and Answers To Pass HCIP-Access Certification

1. The total downstream bandwidth of the 10G EPON PONI port is the sum of the EPON downstream bandwidth and the 10GEPON downstream bandwidth.


2. What is the downstream wavelength in the 10GGPON system?


3. What is the maximum splitting ratio supported by 10GGPON?


4. During the evolution of EPON to 10G EPON, the central office adds WDM wavelength division modules to achieve a smooth transition, and ODN coexists.


5. The complete SIP message interaction process will include multiple request and response messages. A field can be used in the header field of the SIP message to describe the specific request corresponding to the current response message. What is the field?


6. Under the H.248 protocol, if the signaling IP and media IP are both and the voice gateway is, when configuring the voIP service, which of the following commands is wrong?


7. When the invitation message sent by user A reaches user B after passing through servers C, D, and E, in which order is the server address recorded in the VIA field in the message received by user B from top to bottom?


8. The Max-Forwards field can be used in S1P messages to resolve loops and avoid endless message forwarding.


9. Which is the correct multicast MAC address corresponding to the multicast IP address


10. In the Huawei U200 management system, when adding access network elements, you can only add them one by one.


11. What methods can be taken when the OLT processes priority marking? (Multiple choice)


12. OLT usually uses queue scheduling technology to solve traffic congestion. How many queues does the OLT have?


13. What are the main congestion management technologies in OLT? (Multiple choice)


14. Which of the following statement about SSH connections is wrong?


15. Which statement is wrong about DHCP option 82? (Multiple choice)


16. What are the main solutions to MAC address spoofing? (Multiple choice)


17. Which of the following types of DBA bandwidth will the remaining upstream bandwidth of the PON port be reduced after the DBA template is configured and successfully used by the OT to go online? (Multiple choice)


18. Which of the following statements about 10GEPON are correct? (Multiple choice)


19. When dealing with voice faults, sometimes it is necessary to capture packets for fault analysis. If the user ID of the calling user in the captured SIP message is displayed as Sip: 2270[email protected], which description is wrong? (Multiple choice)


20. Which of the following options can be used to carry the SIP protocol? (Multiple choice)


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