Updated HCIA- VC H11-851-ENU Exam Questions

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Test Online Huawei H11-851-ENU Free Questions

1. MCU user level include (). (Multiple choice)


2. In SMC2.0, the same venue and the MCU cannot be added simultaneously to multiple organizational structure. ()


3. You can adjust the camera’s white balance by TE terminal, adjust the color on the screen to display effect. ()


4. For point-to-point calls do not need to set up ().


5. TE40 support PSTN interface, telephone can be connected to the interface, phones can join the meeting via voice mode. ()


6. Establish HTTP connections between SMC and MCU, if you choose "support HTTPS", it indicates that the connection between SMC and MCU is encryption mode. ()


7. Using the 96 xx series MCU at six meetings, the venue T1, T2, T3 composed of three screens, the venue T4, T5, T6 are not in multi-screen, when the T1, T2, T3 away from the meeting, automatic multi-screen function is enabled, T4, T5, T6 can automatically generate two-picture mode. ()


8. Which of the following belong to visible system video encoding and decoding protocol? () (Multiple choice)


9. TP3118 supports up to each party 18 people meeting. ()


10. Playback recorded meetings through a variety of platforms Web/pad/phone/terminals, this process is called ().


11. Non-T.140 subtitles superimposed on the local video images, it can only sent to the distal venue with local video image. ()


12. TE30 does support HDMI interface output. ()


13. When SMC2.0 through manageable way to add TE series terminal, the authentication information in the "User Name" and "Password" is consistent with end () user name and password.


14. HUAWEI SMC 2.0 system includes Web server, back-end services and database. ()


15. 96XX series MCU support power, main control board, Business Board, Ethernet port, line, chips 5 heavy backup, ensure that MCU can long-term continuous and stable operation. ()


16. NLOG V2 data is from ().


17. Terminal, MCU and SC all can do 1 + 1 backup. ()


18. 96XX series MCU whole adapter port can do related switch between different resolutions whole adapter port, the port conversion relationship 1080P60fps: 1080P30fps: 720P30fps: SD equals to ().


19. The main role of H.245 protocol is (). (Multiple choice)


20. SMC reservation meeting is not normally held, possible reasons are (). (Multiple choice)


21. TE Desktop can import excel format address book. ()


22. About image resolution, which of the following statement is correct? ()


23. When LTE terminal import license, you need to enter a password. ()


24. Configuration locked parameter in the template, SMC2.0 regularly issued, after terminal receives the distributed parameter, doesn’t automatically refresh back locked parameters ().


25. AAC-LD () KHz sampling hi-fi CD quality support dual track.


26. RSE6500 support auxiliary flow progress bar index, users can index through the progress bar, quickly locate to video key information to playback. ()


27. Media processing layer contains (). (Multiple choice)


28. SNP is Huawei public and private network cross private protocol. ()


29. Configuration parameters by configuration template in SMC2.0, the default lock, the user can not amend its own. ()


30. Which process does IP address call mainly contain? () (Multiple choice)


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