VCP-CMA 2020 2V0-31.19 Free Questions Online – Professional VMware vRealize Automation 7.6

2V0-31.19 Professional VMware vRealize Automation 7.6 is a VCP-CMA 2020 certification test. To help you pass your VMware 2V0-31.19 exam, PassQuestion offers you 2V0-31.19 questions and answers for your preparation, you can practice in the following VCP-CMA 2020 2V0-31.19 Free Questions Online to study.

1. A new Windows operating system machine blueprint is created and is ready to be added to a new service catalog.

Which step must be performed for the catalog item to be visible to business users?


2. A vRealize Orchestrator administrator is tasked with creating a workflow that processes sensitive information that is subject to auditing. All workflow messages must be stored in the vRealize Orchestrator database.

How can the administrator ensure that all log messages generated by the workflow are stored in the database?


3. A system administrator created a tenant with URL name “fin” for the finance team. The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the appliance is vra.rainpole.local.

What is the correct URL to log in to the finance tenant?


4. What can be used in custom forms to prevent a user from entering too large a value (such as too much memory for a virtual machine)?


5. An administrator configures a pre-approval event subscription to run vRealize Orchestrator workflow. The workflow does not run when a machine that matches the defined criteria is requested in the service catalog.

What can the administrator do to resolve this issue?


6. A vRealize Automation user provisions virtual machines (VMs) but complains that the machine prefix for his VMs does not match that of his business group. The vRealize Automation administrator confirms that the blueprint component has the machine prefix set to “Use Group Default.”

Which step should be the administrator take to fix the issue with the incorrect machine prefix?


7. Which two types of entities can be a part of a vRealize Orchestrator package? (Choose two.)


8. Which role is required in vRealize Automation to add a vCenter endpoint to vRealize Business for Cloud?


9. When using the Generate Form option, what are two items for which custom form tabs are automatically created? (Choose two.)


10. Which three vRealize Automation content types are supported by content lifecycle management in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager? (Choose three.)


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