VCP-DCV 2020 2V0-21.20 Practice Test Questions – Professional VMware vSphere 7.x

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VCP-DCV 2020 2V0-21.20 Practice Test Questions – Professional VMware vSphere 7.x

1. An administrator would like to make virtual machine templates and ISO images available to all vCenter Server instances in the data center.

Which feature should the administrator use to achieve this goal?


2. Which virtual disk option allows a virtual machine to consume the minimum storage capacity?


3. When deploying a vCenter Server Appliance, which two single sign-on (SSO)-related options are presented to an administrator? (Choose two.)


4. An administrator wants to implement virtual machine encryption.

Which component encrypts the virtual machine files?


5. An administrator is unable to manage certificates with the vSphere Client.

What is another supported option that can be used to manage certificates?


6. A virtual machine with a single 100 GB virtual machine disk file has a single 20 GB snapshot. The virtual machine is powered off.

How much additional free space on the datastore is required to delete the snapshot, committing the snapshot delta disk to the base disk?


7. What is the server virtualization product that combines the ESXi hypervisor and the vCenter Server?


8. Refer to the exhibit.

An administrator is consistently receiving an alarm regarding a CPU performance issue; however, there is NO CPU issue identified.

What can the administrator do to make sure the alarm is triggered when there is an actual CPU performance issue?


9. A single host is manually configured to company standards.

Which option would an administrator select to capture this configuration for future use?


10. Refer to the exhibit.

What does the %RDY for the Win1 virtual machine indicate?


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