VCP6.5-DCV Delta exam 2V0-622D free questions

2V0-622D exam is an important VMware certification which can test your professional skills. Candidates want to pass the exam successfully to prove their competence.You can practice in the following VCP6.5-DCV Delta exam 2V0-622D free questions to test online, it is a small part of Passquestion VCP6.5-DCV 2V0-622D full version. It can help you pass your 2V0-622D VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization Delta Exam easily.

VMware Certified Professional 6.5 – Data Center Virtualization Delta Exam (2V0-622D) tests candidates on their skills and abilities to install, configure, and manage vCenter Server, ESXi hosts, and virtual machines using the appropriate VMware tools. Successful candidates demonstrate mastery of these skills and abilities.

VCP6.5-DCV Delta exam 2V0-622D Free Questions To Test Online

1. An ESXi host’s VMCA-Signed certificate has expired. How can the certificate be renewed?


2. Which is the correct order for upgrading vSphere components?


3. Which two datastore types are supported by Storage I/O Control v2? (Choose two.)


4. Which iSCSI initiator type can be used with any network interface card?


5. An administrator is attempting to power on a virtual machine with 32GB of memory. The operation fails with the following error:

Could not power on VM: No space left on device

Checking the space on the virtual machine’s datastore, there is 30GB free.

Which action would allow the VM to power on?


6. When using “Cluster resource percentage” for host failover capacity in vSphere HA Admission Control, the total resource requirements are calculated from which two values? (Choose two.)


7. Which are four attributes of the Active vCenter HA node? (Choose four.)


8. Which are two vCenter Server two-factor authentication methods? (Choose two.)


9. An administrator is creating VMkernel adapters on an ESXi 6.5 host and wants to create separate VMkernel adapters for every type of traffic in the default TCP/IP stack.

Which three types of traffic can be explicitly enabled on a separate VMkernel adapter? (Choose three.)


10. When migrating a Windows vCenter Server 6.0 to the vCenter Server Appliance 6.5, which two will be migrated by default? (Choose two.)


11. A domain user is able to successfully log into the vSphere Web Client, but notices that the vCenter Server system does not appear in the inventory.

Which is the cause of this situation?


12. An administrator attempts to manually reclaim space on thin-provisioned VMFS6 volumes but finds that no additional space is being recovered.

Which could be causing this?


13. An administrator has upgraded to vSphere 6.5 and also wants to use Kerberos authentication for NFS.

Which can be done to the existing NFSv3 volumes to enable this feature?


14. An administrator wants to restore the vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 from backup.

Where can this be accomplished?


15. Which is the predefined user name when publishing a Content Library?


16. Which three types of Content Libraries exist within vSphere 6.5? (Choose three.)


17. Which is the block size on the VMFS6 datastore?


18. When installing vCenter Converter Standalone, why must an administrator perform a client-server installation instead of a local installation?


19. An administrator cannot enable multi-processor Fault Tolerance (SMP-FT) for a virtual machine.

Which are two possible causes for this? (Choose two.)


20. Which is the purpose of VM Component Protection (VMCP)?


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