VCTA-DCV Certification 1V0-21.20 Questions For Associate VMware Data Center Virtualization (51 Q&As)

The Associate VMware Data Center Virtualization exam tests a candidate’s basic understanding of virtualization and vSphere concepts, data center technology and basic troubleshooting concepts. PassQuestion provides VCTA-DCV Certification 1V0-21.20 Questions to help you best prepare for your test and pass your VMware 1V0-21.20 exam successfully in your first time. There are 51 questions for you to practice and help you master the core content.

Test Online VCTA-DCV Certification 1V0-21.20 Free Questions

1. An administrator needs to upgrade the guest operating system installed in a virtual machine. The administrator wants to safely ensure that the selected operating system is supported by ESXi.

Which action should the administrator take to meet this goal?


2. Which DRS score indicates that the virtual machine (VM) is experiencing severe resource contention?


3. Which event type indicates a Fatal problem has occurred in the system, and the process or operation will be terminated?


4. A vSphere administrator wants to monitor the CPU usage of all virtual machines (VMs) in a specific host cluster using alarms.

Which sequence of actions should the administrator use?


5. Which problem is solved by migrating virtual machines (VMs) using vSphere vMotion?


6. Which feature helps maintain zero data loss when a VM on an ESXi server fails unexpectedly?


7. Which software-defined, object-based storage solution provides shared storage for vSphere clusters without using traditional external storage?


8. A vSphere administrator sees the alarm:

vSphere HA virtual machine failed to failover

This occurred for virtual machines (VMs) in a cluster with vSphere High Availability (HA) enabled. The guest operating system on the VMs did not report a power failure.

What is a possible cause of this event?


9. A system administrator opened a technical support trouble ticket and was asked to provide the suspended virtual machine’s memory contents.

Which file from the virtual machine directory will the system administrator need to upload to technical support?


10. An administrator would like to add a new server into an existing vSphere cluster. The servers are running Intel processors. The administrator needs to ensure that the new server can be added to the cluster with the same processor baseline as the existing servers.

Which strategy should be used to achieve this goal?


11. A vSphere operator finds this error message:

Device or filesystem with identifier [naa.6000eb31dffdc33a000000000000002a] has entered the All Paths Down state.

What should the operator conclude from this error message?


12. Refer to the exhibit: An administrator deletes the Service 1.5 snapshot.

What is the result of this action?


13. A group of VMs is experiencing high latency on a portgroup in an ESXi host.

Which option can a vSphete administrator use to move some of the VMs to another portgroup?


14. What is a benefit of VMware vSphere Storage APIs – Data Protection?


15. Refer to the exhibit:

Which piece of information should a vSphere operator conclude about iSCSI-01?


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