VCTA-NV 2021 1V0-41.20 Exam Questions – Associate VMware Network Virtualization

Passing 1V0-41.20 exam leads to VMware Certified Technical Associate – Network Virtualization 2021, it is a 30-item ex1V0-41.20am, with a passing score of 300 using a scaled method. Exam time is 90 minutes. PassQuestion new released VCTA-NV 2021 1V0-41.20 Exam Questions to help you prepare well for your coming Associate VMware Network Virtualization Exam 1V0-41.20 with confidence. You can practice 1V0-41.20 free questions online first before getting complete VCTA-NV 2021 1V0-41.20 Exam Questions.

Test Online VMware 1V0-41.20 Free Questions

1. Given this exhibit:

Which statement is true about the host transport nodes?


2. What is the benefit of connecting segments to Tier-1 Gateways?


3. A customer needs to create a multi-tier network infrastructure.

What does the customer need to do to create this infrastructure?


4. A customer needs a solution to provide Layer 2 connectivity between vSphere and KVM hypervisors.

Which VMware solution should the customer use?


5. Which component needs to be available for the ESXi hosts to be able to enable vSphere High Availability?


6. Which protocol allows an administrator to provide overlay networks on top of physical networks used in NSX-T Datacenter?


7. How does virtual networking enable business to reduce time-to-market?


8. A customer needs to secure its micro-services.

Which feature does NSX Data Center offer to help achieve this requirement?


9. Which plane is responsible for creating and deleting network objects in the NSX-T Data Center Architecture?


10. Which two statements are true about N-VDS/VDS? (Choose two.)


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