VMCE2020 Exam Questions To Pass Veeam Certified Engineer 2020

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VMCE2020 Exam Questions To Pass Veeam Certified Engineer 2020

1. A customer currently has one backup job that runs every four hours to backup their VMs in a transaction consistent state.

Which job configuration will keep all restore points safe in case the primary site and backups go down while still being able to do a point-in-time recovery of a SQL database from the backups on the second site?


2. A NAS backup job has been configured within Veeam Backup & Replication, and is completing successfully, but restore operations have been failing for the last few days.

What is causing the failure?


3. A company needs to recover a domain controller from a backup file they have on premises which was created by the Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows.

Which of the following would provide the fastest access to the domain controller?


4. What is the main purpose of the planned failover feature?


5. When you back up regular or standalone VMs in vCloud Director, which of the following is captured and stored in Veeam’s Backup & Replication backup file? (Choose three.)


6. A customer has a physical proxy configured for Direct Storage Access without failover to network mode. The backup fails.

What could be the issue?


7. A company has replicated their critical application VMs to a second data center in another region. Their key application includes two database VMs and three application VMs. For proper operation, the database VMs need to start before the application VMs.

What needs to be configured in Veeam to prepare for a disaster recovery situation?


8. A backup job has been configured to keep three incremental restore points and a synthetic full backup each Sunday. More restore points are present on disk than what was configured in the job.



9. In the event a VMware VM configuration file (VMX) is missing and a restore is needed, what Veeam restore process is the best choice for this situation?


10. A company has been running off replicated, business-critical VMs at their disaster recovery location since an earthquake near the primary data center occurred. Since the threat has passed, they want to stop the replicas and switch to the VMs at the primary data center without losing data.

Which of the following actions is the first step they should take?


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