VMware 1V0-21.20PSE Real Questions and Answers

You can take your 1V0-21.20PSE Associate VMware Data Center Virtualization Exam to get the VCTA-DCV certification. PassQuestion provides you the latest VMware 1V0-21.20PSE Real Questions and Answers to help you practice well in the real exam, you are guaranteed to pass your VMware 1V0-21.20PSE exam successfully in your first try.

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1. An administrator is working on a cloud migration project. The project has a requirement to check the EVC mode for virtual machines (VMs) hosting an application.

How can the administrator find the FVC details for these VMs?


2. Which configuration setting prevents a packet sniffing program from analyzing network packets on the virtual switch?


3. A system administrator has to configure several virtual machines for different business units. The administrator needs to enable features that allow overcommitment of resources while adhering to the business requirements and different department performance SLAs.

Which two features should the administrator enable to achieve this goal? (Choose two.)


4. A vSphere operator finds this error message:

Device or filesystem with identifier [naa.6000eb31dffdc33a000000000000002a] has entered the All Paths Down state.

What should the operator conclude from this error message?


5. What is the default encrypted vSphere vMotion state for virtual machines that are not encrypted?


6. A system administrator opened a technical support trouble ticket and was asked to provide the suspended virtual machine’s memory contents.

Which file from the virtual machine directory will the system administrator need to upload to technical support?


7. Which IP storage is supported on vSphere?


8. Which hardware is required to support Fibre Channel storage?


9. An administrator needs to separate traffic of virtual machine live migrations from all other traffic.

Which TCP/IP stack meets this requirement?


10. Which hypetvisor is a type-1 hypervisor?


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