VMware IT Academy PSE Exams 2V0-21.19PSE Real Questions

2V0-21.19PSE Professional vSphere 6.7 Exam 2019 is for VMware Certified Professional Data Center Virtualization. PassQuestion provides the latest VMware IT Academy PSE Exams 2V0-21.19PSE Real Questions for your best preparation, PassQuestion promise you that you can pass your first time to participate in theVMware certification 2V0-21.19PSE exam and get 2V0-21.19PSE certification to enhance and change yourself.

VMware IT Academy PSE Exams 2V0-21.19PSE Real Questions

1. Using vSphere HA Orchestrated Restart an administrator places the most mission critical VM in the highest priority. After a host failure, the highest priority VM fails to restart while VMs in high priority restart.

What would cause this to occur?


2. Which two VMware solutions track and analyze the operation of multiple data sources? (Choose two.)


3. What is required to convert a VM to a template?


4. A cluster of vSphere 6.5 and 6.7 hosts all have identical hardware. VMs are created on the 6.7 hosts with virtual hardware version 14. During routine maintenance on the 6.7 hosts, the VMs are unable to migrate to the 6.5 hosts.

Why are the VMs unable to migrate to the 6.5 hosts?


5. An administrator is elevating the security posture of a vSphere environment after a recent data breach. All VMs will be encrypted as part of this plan.

Which additional component is required for the encryption?


6. A vSphere administrator is required to join all stateless ESXi hosts to an Active Directory domain for enhanced security.

Which utility would accomplish this?


7. An administrator runs a vSphere cluster containing database VMs with extremely heavy disk I/O. Database VMs are placed on a costly all-flash array. The workloads are not memory intensive.

How can the administrator ensure the most cost-effective utilization of the all-flash storage array?


8. What could a vSphere administrator use to move a group of VMs to another port group?


9. Which action should be taken to secure iSCSI devices in a vSphere environment?


10. A vSphere Administrator is receiving complaints a database VM is experiencing performance issues. The VM is a member of the high priority resource pool and the cluster has not experienced contention.

Which condition should be checked to address immediate performance concerns?


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